For Cassandra

There are a number of stories about the escapades of Cassandra and I that I may get around to telling one of these days. She asked me to post “Ben”.

Not being one that does things simply, she managed to split an embryo and give birth to two perfectly beautiful mirror twin boys. Of course they are grown men now, in college and ready to start families of their own. That doesn’t change the fact that when I look at them I still see two little blonde haired, blue-eyed toddlers with piss and vinegar in their eyes!

Like most little ones, they never seemed to want to go to sleep. Fighting to stay awake as if sleep would take away too much time from their play and exploration. Cassandra can add the details of the clunker she had at the time, but a few years ago, we decided we weren’t sure whether the boys went to sleep from the lull of the car or a carbon monoxide leak! Well, they’re fine.

We would manage to shove the car seats in the back of this trashed-up coupe and then wrangle the boys into the seats. I don’t have children of my own, but if I am ever called upon to wrangle a 15 pound octopus into a mason jar, I believe I have some experience. We would take the front, roll down the windows (if I remember right there was no air conditioning) and drive neighborhoods talking and laughing while we were hoping the boys would drift off to sleep. I don’t know if they will even ever have a memory of it, but just for their information, if a therapist someday drags the song Ben out of them this is where it came from. We would sing this song at the top of our lungs, disrupting people’s peaceful evenings all over Mattoon. If we forgot lyrics, we made them up.

Cassandra and I have a pact. Whichever one of us dies first, the other will sing “Ben” at the other’s funeral. I had some surgery last winter and she called to make damn sure I was going to live through it so she wouldn’t have to sing! We are both stubborn, so I’m not sure how this will work out!

This is for you Sassa!


One response to “For Cassandra

  1. I am sure that I will go first,,,BUT I have one request,,,When you sing Ben, I want you to wear a tube top and hot pants. You KNOW that I ALWAYS get the last word in. 🙂 If you don’t wear what I requested,,,if there is ANY way that I can come back to irritate you, I will . Your forever friend, Cassandra (Sassa)

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