Put it in my vein

  This is the face that has been taking up my nights lately. We don’t have cable, but do subscribe to Netflix and have gotten hooked on Dexter. I can’t get enough! I don’t know what I will do when we are out of episodes. I am fascinated by the character and will be investing in the book series one day after I finish the TV series as I hear they are different.

I will be posting probably later, but I’m afraid that it may be tainted by dreams of noble serial killers. The other night I told my husband that when I hear the intro music to the series, I get hungry for ham, eggs and orange juice. He asked if it made me want to floss. Not so much.

Perhaps the Pork Federation and the Egg Council should have Michael C. Hall do some promotions for them. I never mind watching him and it would be amusing to those of us with a twisted sense of humor.




2 responses to “Put it in my vein

  1. Really wanted to like this show but couldn’t get past the first scene of episode 1. Just so damn violent…I know, that’s the point… Just couldn’t do it.

  2. I too, have a Dexter obsession! And I am ever so grateful for Netflix! : )……I think he appeals to my base, most innermost sense of right and wrong. And yeah, ham and eggs? ALWAYS a favorite!

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