Don’t go chasing waterfalls

If you’ve read my blog at all (I know I haven’t posted in a long while), you know I am overweight. While there are many complicated psychological reasons for that, the biological fact is that I intake too many calories and my body stores too much fat. Perhaps my body is also a worst case scenario thinker and is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, but if so, it is basing its assumptions on zombie speeds of the late 60’s and not the newer, faster ones. That means I have to get down to running weight!

We have decided to diet again. We went with the HCG Diet. I am very skeptical about diet with claims like this diet carries with it. I did a lot of reading and we had two test subjects that were on the diet to observe. Our “lab rats” have lost substantial weight and had little to no hunger and no side effects from the diet.

These are sarcoid cells. Kind of pretty, huh.

I have a disease called Sarcoidosis. I won’t go into the long explanation, but suffice it to say, my immune system is paranoid and believes the Zombie Apocalypse has begun. It over reacts by creating too many helper cells that flood an area and create giant cells that crystallize. They wind up doing more damage than good as they change the architecture of the organs/systems they appear in looking for trouble. There are some organs with little real structure, but there are some relatively important organs that shouldn’t be messed with by these little “helpers”.

The treatment options for this disease are usually immune suppressing medications. I was prescribed Prednisone for several years. I switched to Methotrexate several years ago when I was going to get married and preferred to lose some weight and not a have the swollen, “balloon” face that can come with steroid use. Another side effect of steroids can be the onset of diabetes. Although, coming from a shallow medical genetic pool, I can’t really blame the prednisone when there is also family history and obesity involved.

It was also for the aforementioned reasons that I did my research and was very cautious before we started it. I made up spreadsheets for the diet and for testing my blood sugar. I decided to test my blood sugar up to six times a day to make sure that I wouldn’t dip down too low. I have been adjusting my medication and documenting my adjustments.

So, we got the drops in the mail and started the fun part, the two “loading days”. You eat as much high fat food as you can handle in those two days while taking the drops. I believe it sort of “primes the pump” for the diet. I even lost 1.6 pounds on those two days! I was excited! We started the diet proper. The food choices are limited and luckily we like most of the choices on the diet. It tapped into my creative side, trying to make interesting, tasty meals out of the choices available. I have heard many people say how boring the diet food could be and that wouldn’t work for us!

I lost 10.4 pounds the second day. I imagine it was hormonal bloating, but damn it was a boost! We have cheated a couple of times and when I say cheat I mean chinese food, cheesecake and double bacon cheeseburger cheat. The cheats reduced our weight loss by a day or so at the most and kept us sane! We are on day 26 of phase 2 and I have lost 29.0 pounds as of this morning!

So far this waterfall has been pretty easy to catch. We thought giving up our diet soda would be difficult, but it wasn’t at all, we feel better, we are eating healthier, and I’ve actually had to switch my wedding ring to my second finger so it doesn’t fall off my finger! We have 16 more days in Phase 2 and the literature says we should lose about 40 pounds by the end of that phase. We will be ready to be off this phase, but plan to start loading days again on December 31st. I’ve got plans to lose another 80 pounds!

I am not endorsing, but we went to to get our drops and information. Their help line is very nice. I called about contraindications for medications and my Husband was having hunger the first few days and they gave us several options to try that worked for him and kept us going!

I’ll keep you updated on our progress!



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