Shameless of me…

Nick Sharp’s music

I haven’t kept my New Year’s resolution to write every week. I have been busy and dealing with some things I will write about soon. I came across an opportunity to write something so nice about someone so wonderful, I had to take it.

My cousin Gene’s son Nick came into this world ahead of his time. Way ahead of his time. From my memory he was very premature at the time and weighed in at a bit over a pound. He spent a good portion of his first months in an incubator and due to some faulty oxygen levels, he has spent his life without sight.

Being much younger than I am, (we won’t go into that any further) I am not as close to Nick as his other cousins would be, but from what I can determine, his loss of sight has allowed him to see beyond his eyes. Nick inherited an incredible musical talent. Music has been in our family for years. Nick has had a smell of the perfume of fame, but when he was too young to really appreciate it. He and his sister Jamie sang together when they were very young and appeared on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and appeared on Regis and Kathy Lee. Tragedy took Jamie when she was 15 and one of most powerful things at her wake were her friends and our family grieving and honoring her with music.

I don’t think I have ever heard Nick have a negative comment or let circumstance or disappointment get him down. My Sister coined a phrase years ago that has been passed down through the Nephew and Nieces “Learn to live with disappointment”. I’ve heard that our Nephew finally had an epiphany about the statement and what it means in his life. Life is not always what we plan and dream, but to be happy we need to learn to live with, accept, and embrace what initially may seem to be disappointment may actually enrich our lives in the long run. I’m sure Nick has faced more obstacles in his life than most of us just due to the obvious ones trying to function in a sighted world, but you can hear the colors of life that Nick sees through his music.

We were honored that Nick agreed to sing at our wedding and he blessed us with a surprise song that day. The picture in my post is from that day. When Nick started posting his music on Soundcloud, I was amazed at the depth of his talent. I know this blog doesn’t reach out there too far, but if his music could flood the internet, I know it would make him happy.

Happy listening..



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