The North Star

The North Star. Sailors used it to sail around the world, others use it as a guide post, to find their way. In most people’s lives, their Mother is their North Star. It’s always up there looking down on you, waiting for you to look up at it. Waiting patiently for you to use her as a point to find your way in life, even if sometimes it is an example of what not to do, you always look up and see where you are and where to go next. 

The North Star is dim now. Our Mother passed away on Easter Sunday. She had suffered medical issues for years and years. She had cataracts at 23 years old. A doctor messed something up and she almost lost an eye. She contracted Toxoplasmosis and it settled in her eye. They tried to incapacitate the parasite by giving her Typhod Fever, a unique treatment they used in the military. It did cause the parasite to somehow only become active once in a while. That was before I was born. She had several surgeries for benign tumors that had “arms” reaching out in her arm and breast. Several eye surgeries and she wore tri-focals by the time she was 28 or 29. She survived breast cancer, heart by-pass surgery, several heart attacks, was fighting diabetes and her mobility became limited by arthritis in her spine. Her kidneys were going, her capillaries were blocking, and she had been legally blind for years due to diabetic hemorrhages. She fell and broke her arm last Thursday. The doctors said that putting in metal plates would allow her to have the use of her arm quickly and after testing, her heart was strong enough for surgery. She came through with flying colors and on Easter Sunday she got up and ate breakfast and was joking with the nurses. The nurse said she sat on the edge of her bed, got a surprised look on her face and collapsed.

The tried CPR several times and we decided it was enough. She had a thready pulse for a bit. My sister was there and put me on speaker phone so I could tell her Ioved her and go be in peace. My brother got there, told her he loved her and then she took her last breath. It was unexpected, but what better day to enter the kingdom of God and what better way to leave this world. God’s speed Momma.

She would tell us that in college, the boys would play this song for her. Here you go Momma:

Here is a link to her obituary if you are interested.


Mona Mae (Gilmer) Durdel


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