Stop and Think

I have voted in every election cycle since I turned eighteen. I believe we have a responsibility to voice our choice as citizens. That being said, this is the most frightening election I have seen in those subsequent thirty-four years.

I am a registered Republican. I have also been registered as a Democrat in my younger years. Whatever party, I feel that I vote for the person’s policies and programs, not by party. I must say, this year, morals, ethics, and other issues are crawling into my decision.

Since I am registered as a Republican, I will deal with that party’s front runner; Donald Trump. At first, his running was quite a joke. Then, it got serious. Mr. Trump does have a certain appeal for those of us that are completely frustrated with the past several administrations. His frankness came off as blunt honesty at first. I have seen that turn into crass bullying of the other candidates, people that don’t agree with him, and numerous other types of people.


How about this example of his crude attack on a journalist that happens to have a physical disability? Was it rude? Yes. Did his supporters laugh? Yes. He didn’t alienate his mass audience with this, just a percentage of our population with disabilities.

He has choice words for women and for those that speak against him, his returns are vile and caustic. You may not like Rosie O’Donnell, but she is not the only woman of which he has spoken about in a degrading manner. Instead of commenting on a female opponent’s record, he talked about how ugly she was to him. Women are babes, chicks, and bimbos. Is this how you speak about your Mothers, Wives, or Daughters? Our schools have a zero tolerance for bullying, we have programs in schools, churches and public forums against bullying and yet, we support it with passion in a presidential candidate? nelson

I try not to judge another’s relationship with God or their religion. In full disclosure, I consider myself a Christian. That meaning I believe and follow the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Mr. Trump states emphatically that he is a Christian, no, a GOOD Christian. I have just a couple of comments regarding that statement.

I, personally,  hope to be a worthy Christian. I am not perfect. I stumble every day to live up to the example that Christ set for us to follow. I ask forgiveness almost every day for fallacies in my character and walk. Mr. Trump stunned me in an interview when he stated that he was a good Christian and feels like he has never done anything to ask forgiveness for. I can’t imagine a person that has not sinned with the exception of Jesus Christ.


There is a quote from the Bible that says “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36 KJV. Now think, what is the focus of most of Mr. Trump’s speeches? Winning. Winning a deal, winning voters, winning the election, etc. He surrounds himself with luxury, as much gold as he can, beautiful and powerful people, and whatever he can that will help him win what he wants.

What does he want now? To rule over us. What if we disagree? “Well, he’ll pay for that.” was his response when Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney spoke out against him. When he was asked if that was a threat, he denied it was a threat. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘That wasn’t a threat, it was a promise.’  That’s what I heard in my mind as he denied the threat. In fact, when he was asked about Governor Romney’s comments he also added that when the Governor ran for President, he would have gotten down on his knees for Trump’s endorsement. I shan’t  explain the allusion he was making, but needless to say, Mr. Trump has not proven himself a statesman, let alone a gentleman. We have also been assured that his phallus is of satisfactory size. I have never needed to know how a candidate is endowed to make a political decision.

Mr. Trump claims he is an amazing businessman. What he neglects to say is how many of his business ventures have ended in bankruptcy, leaving others holding the debt. He says he loves the uneducated. Well, of course he does, they don’t research his claims, look into the details of his dealings or life. They say the devil is in the details and that’s where Mr. Trump lives, but not how he speaks.

I will end this blog post here. There are many other issues to bring up, comparisons to leaders of other times that could be made, but I just wanted to deal with now. Please, go back and look at his statements, how he has done business, where his priorities have been and where we stand as a people in those priorities. That’s all I ask. God bless this country and help bring us to his will (God’s).

Sympathy for Trump