Never Again?

My Husband loves to play Call of Duty on Xbox Live. When he is on there and he doesn’t have his headphones on, you can hear the trash talk from the players. Last night, I was amazed and appalled more than usual. These were kids, probably tweens or younger spouting anti-semitic jokes and comments rather than the usual sexual and racial ridiculousness. Then, as I was listening, a younger boy that had lead the Holocaust jokes, asked a timid question: “Do you really think the Holocaust happened?” One of the younger players answered him. “I don’t know. I guess.” 907014-holocaust-survivor

That really floored me. Growing up, we learned about the Holocaust and I never once questioned whether or not it really happened. What was the difference between my understanding of history and his? I’ve pondered this in the back of my head all night and this morning. Here is what I have come up with so far. Let me know what you think.

I was born in 1963. A lot of our teachers, parents, and grandparents either participated in the war or were old enough to have heard stories first hand. Some grew up watching the footage in the movie houses and heard reports on the radio. I personally know at least one man that was in France during WWII. I have heard horror stories from not only that war, but the “conflicts” since. We watched actual footage from the events and the movies we saw were stylized and did not show the gruesome realities of war. We knew the difference between the reality of war and movies.holoccaust

What about today’s children? They are inundated with graphic images on a daily basis. From TV, movies, and video games. I looked up some pictures of the Holocaust and it struck me that in black and white, they could resemble actors from the Walking Dead. How confusing it must be for children to try to discern the horrific images and details of the Holocaust from the images they see on a daily basis. The numbers of the victims are difficult for adults to wrap their minds around, let alone children.holocaust-men

Survivors of the Holocaust are almost all gone now. Our WWII Veteran numbers are diminishing. The stories at the feet of people that lived these horrors are no more. Stories at the feet of our elders are pretty much gone altogether. Technology has replaced the quality time spent with our older relatives. We have lost so much with the technological advancements that were pushed for during the time period following WWII.

I don’t know how to make someone understand what is real and what isn’t in the world. This is how horrors of the Holocaust will be repeated in the future. Not that it will be forgotten, but it will be enveloped in the psyche of horror fantasy that are everyday images and just seen, not felt.World-War-2-Holocaust-Memorial-Day-_60

God forgive us all when that happens.


Hello, my name is Crystal and I am on Pinterest…

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People thought that My Space was a huge waste of people’s time, then came Facebook. Now enter the female heroin of cyberspace…Pinterest.

They are evil. You hear a whisper of this new website, but you need an invitation. I fell for that with gmail, but I like my gmail, so how bad can this be? I want in. I get my invitation and open the page to a dream!

Remember when Sears, JCPenny and others used to mail out those HUGE catalogs? Mom used to have us play this game when I think she wanted us to be quiet. She would hand us each a big catalog with some paper and tell us we had a certain amount of money to spend. The first one to spend the exact amount of money won. Then, we got to look at what each other spent the money on. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the best financial management training game, but it was fun!

Pinterest is almost like that game, only you can add anything from anywhere!!! As a catalog lover, it’s like getting to peruse all of your friend’s catalogs and shopping lists without all of the cumbersome paper! Help me!

I am addicted now. I just keep adding and adding and adding pins! I am trying to figure out how to have my Husband add the little “P” to our clock website ( so other people can share all of the beautiful products we carry! (insert maniacal laughter here) I don’t know how many pins I can have, but there seems to be new stuff daily, hourly, by the minute! In fact, I have had to check it twice while writing this post!

I could rationalize it by saying it is a good way to share recipes, thoughts, tips with other people. It’s not. It’s my way of guiding everyone to think like I do, like what I do, do what I do! Muwaahhaaahaa!

So, if you would like to participate in my world domination, click on the icon at the top of the post and join me…follow me.